About VEE GEE Scientific

Since the start of our company in 1981, our business model has always been to sell the products we design, develop, and import from our overseas factories only through our worldwide network of dealers. We greatly respect the dynamics of the distribution network; this is why we’ve never changed. Our dealers always feel confident that any contact we may have with end-users (i.e. application discussions, technical assistance, drop shipments, etc.) will never result in us selling direct. This bond of trust we share with our dealers allows us to truly work together as a team. That being said, listed below are the other key elements you can always continue to expect from us:

Wide Selection & High Quality

    We are able to provide you with the best quality in laboratory equipment and accessories currently available.

Unparalleled Customer Service

    Our top-rated customer service team will assist you to complete satisfaction with all your questions.

Fast & Accurate Shipping

    All orders are double-checked and professionally packed with care.



The bottom line is...we’re here for you.

Best Regards,
The staff of VEE GEE Scientific, Inc.