Automatic Refractometer Measures Refractive Index at 7 Wavelengths
February 10, 2009

Kirkland, WA — VEE GEE Scientific announces the DSR-L from Schmidt+Haensch as the world's first automatic refractometer to measure refractive index at multiple wavelengths. The DSR-L is ideal for measuring the refractive index dispersion of carbohydrates, viscous materials, glass, thin film, and polymers and can be used to test product purity, characterizeoptical materials, identify samples, and analyze quantities of dissolved solids like sugar, glycol, fat, and Oechsle.

Automatic Refractometer DSR-l
By accurately measuring samples at seven separate wavelengths (400nm, 435.8nm, 486.1nm, 546.1nm, 589.3nm, 656.3nm, & 706.9nm), the DSR-L effectively takes refractive index measurements to the "fingerprinting" level. Many chemically different solutions may exhibit similar refractive index values at the traditional 589.3nm (sodium) wavelength. Because the DSR-L can measure refractive index at multiple wavelengths, key differences can be obtained from otherwise similar samples.

Optionally, the DSR-L has the capability of expanding the optical wavelength range from 350nm up to 1000nm.

The electronic Peltier device controls temperatures from +18 to +30°C and eliminates the need for an external water bath or thermostat. With accuracy of ±0.01°C, a temperature is easily set and the automatic refractometer quickly heats or cools to the target temperature. The DSR-L also features a long-lasting LED light source (100,000 hours), linear high-resolution CCD sensor, menu-driven backlit LCD displays, 4 user profiles, password protection, printer and data ports, & optional USB ports.

The included software package and RS-232C cable make it easy to connect the DSR-L to computers for collection of measurement data or for remote operation with full command of all functions. As new software versions are released, the instrument can also receive flash updates.

The DSR-L is suitable for ASTM D 1747 Standard Test Method for Refractive Index of Viscous Materials and ASTM D 1218 Standard Test Method for Refractive Index and Refractive Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Liquids.

Schmidt +Haensch has been manufacturing precision opto-electronic instruments since 1864. All S+H instruments are manufactured in Germany. VEE GEE Scientific is proud to be the exclusive North American wholesale distributor of Schmidt+Haensch instruments, including automatic refractometers, polarimeters, and colorimeters.