VanGuard Laboratory Microscopes Improved
for Enhanced Imaging and Versatility
July 14, 2009
Kirkland, WA — VEE GEE Scientific, manufacturers of VanGuard Microscopes, announces improvements to its VanGuard 1400 series laboratory microscopes. The upgraded clinical microscopes now feature infinity-corrected optics, high-eyepoint eyepieces with a larger viewing field, integrated Koehler illumination, and darkfield illumination on all phase contrast microscopes for added versatility.

Infinity-Corrected Optics
Featuring vivid, infinity-corrected optics, the 1400 series laboratory microscopes are the flagship of the VanGuard line. Built around an industry-leading, full-size frame, these microscopes eliminate the fatigue and strain associated with working long hours over a microscope. Low-position focusing controls and long drop-down X-Y controls ensure simple, consistent, and comfortable use.

Better Eyepieces
The larger eyepiece field diameter of 20mm enables microscope users to see more specimen area at a given time. For added comfort and ease of use, VEE GEE added soft eyecups and high-eyepoint eyepieces to the 1400 series clinical microscopes. High-eyepoint, widefield eyepieces save users who wear eyeglasses from having to remove them when viewing a specimen. Those with perfect vision and those who wear glasses can expect a clear image.

Integrated Koehler Illumination

The upgraded 1400 Series clinical microscopes support Koehler illumination, a process that promotes uniform brightness and eliminates glare. Users can center the field diaphragm to optimize the passage of light through the specimen and out the eyepieces, part of achieving Koehler illumination.

Brightfield, Darkfield, & Phase Contrast
Researchers can choose from six different laboratory microscopes in the VanGuard 1400 series. The phase contrast models use special lighting configurations to induce contrast without staining, enabling colorless components of living cells and bacteria to be viewed. For added versatility, phase contrast microscopes are also capable of brightfield and darkfield illumination.

"VanGuard microscopes are as easy to buy as they are to use," remarked Senior Product Developer Paul Wendling, adding, "We design the VanGuards as complete microscope systems so users don't have to fuss around with an endless list of parts essential to using the microscopes." On the other hand, additional extended options are available, such as digital camera packages, plan fluorite objectives, and eyepiece reticles, also called eyepiece micrometers.

About VanGuard Microscopes
VanGuard Microscopes, developed by VEE GEE Scientific Inc., has a wide line of microscopes that integrate high-level specifications and user-friendly features. VanGuard's line of complete turn-key systems includes brightfield, phase contrast, fluorescence, industrial, inverted, stereo, and educational microscopes. The mission at VanGuard Microscopes is to equip laboratories, industrial facilities, clinics, and universities with cost-effective microscopes that meet or exceed the performance of similar, higher-priced instruments.

Laboratory Microscope 1433PHi
VanGuard 1433PHi has a trinocular port to support digital image documentation