VEE GEE BOD Bottles Offer Unique Packaging & Class A Borosilicate Glass Specifications
June 26, 2008
Kirkland, WA — VEE GEE Scientific introduces BOD bottles to its line of laboratory glassware. BOD bottles are the perfect choice for incubating diluted samples of clean water, wastewater, effluent water, and polluted water during the 5-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) test. Packaged with the consumer in mind, VEE GEE BOD bottles are available in packs of 6 and cases of 24; the small pack size is unique among BOD bottle manufacturers. Other benefits include interchangeable stoppers and large, permanent marking squares for flexible numbering.

VEE GEE BOD bottles feature a flared mouth to form a water seal to prevent the ingress of air during incubation. The interchangeable glass pennyhead stoppers have a tapered bottom that also prevents air entrapment. The Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater recommends 300mL bottles with glass stoppers for the 5-day BOD test to determine the relative oxygen requirements of a tested sample. Water analysts measure the BOD of organisms in water to determine its quality.

Featuring the highest quality of glass on the market, VEE GEE BOD bottles are manufactured from high-quality borosilicate tubing; bottles meet ASTM E-438 Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass specifications.

VEE GEE BOD bottles are available to order under catalog number 20284-300. Please contact VEE GEE Scientific for details, technical support or to locate a dealer to purchase VEE GEE and SIBATA laboratory glassware. Please call (800) 423-8842 to speak with a sales representative.

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