Support Jacks

Support Jacks

VEE GEE® Brand 3050 Series Support Jacks are an essential companion to any laboratory application requiring lifting and lowering of instruments or apparatus. Ideal for supporting glassware, stirrers, baths, hotplates, etc. Constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum with stainless-steel crossbars; platform height is quickly and smoothly adjusted by oversized knobs. An optional 8 x 8" plate set can be attached to the jack to provide additional support and for accommodating larger instruments.

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  1. 3050-R305, Support Jack Rod

    3050-R305, Support Jack Rod

    Suggested Retail Price : $19.26
  2.  3050-200, Support Jack Plate

    3050-200, Support Jack Plate

    Suggested Retail Price : $65.00
  3. 3050, Support Jack

    3050, Support Jack

    Suggested Retail Price : $82.50