Professional Level
Precision Optics
Zoom Magnification (6.5:1)
Non-Illuminated Pole Stand
5-Year Warranty

VanGuard 1300ZP Series Stereo Zoom Microscopes feature precision optics to ensure the highest level of performance for inspection and dissection. Zoom magnification of 0.7X to 4.5X (6.5:1) is available on binocular and trinocular heads to produce high-resolution, three-dimensional images. All models also feature 10X WideField eyepieces and are back by 5-Year warranties.

Optional eyepieces and supplementary lenses are available to customize any model for specific magnification requirements.

Digital and video camera systems are available as options.

Mechanical Stage Option for precise X-Y Control.

Download VanGuard 1300ZP-Series Brochure  (PDF, 32.3KB)

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  1. Mechanical Stage

    Mechanical Stage

    Suggested Retail Price : $110.00