Plato Hydrometers with Thermometer from VEE GEE Scientific

Plato Hydrometers with Thermometer

Our Plato Hydrometers are calibrated to show the concentration of extract as a percentage by weight in brewery wort. For example, a 5°P reading indicates 5 g of extract per 100 g of wort. Primarily used in the brewing industry, the Plato scale is carried out at 20°C.

Specifications Chart

Item No. Plato Range Temperature Range Thermometer Liquid Fill
6614TS-5 0 to 8.5° 0 to 50°C Spirit
6614TS-6 7.5 to 16° 0 to 50°C Spirit
6614TS-7 15.5 to 24° 0 to 50°C Spirit
6614TS-8 0 to 32° 30 to 120°F Spirit

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