Abbe Refractometer


The VEE GEE Scientific Abbe Refractometer is an excellent instrument for the Refractive Index (nD) analysis of liquids, glass, plastic, and film.

Operation consists of placing a sample on the prism; while looking through the eye-piece, the control knob is turned until the shadow-line is centered in the crosshairs. The reading is taken when the vertical line crosses the scale. Calibrates with water.

Primary features consist of an oversized, easy-to-read scale; digital analysis and readout of prism temperature; Refractive Index (nD) & Brix scales; primary & secondary prisms; color compensator dial; large measurement dial focusable eyepiece.

For prism temperature control, the C10 comes equipped with 2 circulator nozzles for the primary prism and 2 for the secondary prism; which enables this refractometer to be connected to a circulating bath to accurately regulate prism temperature. The prism temperature is displayed on the LCD display at the base of the refractometer. The effective temperature range is 0 to 70°C.

                                                                                                                         Key Features

  • Benchtop Abbe Precision
  • Liquid & Solid Testing
  • Brix & Refractive Index Scales
  • Dispersion Measurements
  • Connects to External Circulator for Prism Temperature Control
  • 0-70°C Prism Temperature Range (with Digital Display)
  • Rugged, Stainless Steel Prism Housing
  • Size Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 9.4 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Used many different brands, this is best!

I have been using Refractometer devices for decades of different brands. This is the easiest to read of any I've used.

Worth the price

Heavy well built with glass optics. Other cheap refractometers are not nearly as durable. Overall, totally worth the extra cash for this high-quality refractometer.

Excellent Refractometer!

Significant quality difference between this refractometer and the cheap alternatives out there. Definitely worth it!