Abbe Refractometer

The VEE GEE Scientific Abbe Refractometer is an excellent instrument for the Refractive Index (nD) analysis of liquids, glass, plastic, and film.

Operation consists of placing a sample on the prism; while looking through the eye-piece, the control knob is turned until the shadow-line is centered in the crosshairs. The reading is taken when the vertical line crosses the scale. Calibrates with water.

Primary features consist of an oversized, easy-to-read scale; digital analysis and readout of prism temperature; Refractive Index (nD) & Brix scales; primary & secondary prisms; color compensator dial; large measurement dial focusable eyepiece.

For prism temperature control, the C10 comes equipped with 2 circulator nozzles for the primary prism and 2 for the secondary prism; which enables this refractometer to be connected to a circulating bath to accurately regulate prism temperature. The prism temperature is displayed on the LCD display at the base of the refractometer. The effective temperature range is 0 to 70°C.

Key Features

  • Benchtop Abbe Precision
  • Liquid & Solid Testing
  • Brix & Refractive Index Scales
  • Dispersion Measurements
  • Connects to External Circulator for Prism Temperature Control
  • 0-70°C Prism Temperature Range (with Digital Display)
  • Rugged, Stainless Steel Prism Housing

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