Digital Urea (DEF)/Battery Acid Refractometer

VEE GEE Scientific Portable Digital Refractometers deliver digital accuracy and high-end features for specific applications. This unit measures the Urea/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) concentration. Used to ensure compliance with remissions for diesel fuel powered vehicles. Applications include the trucking industry, farm/agriculture equipment, construction equipment, and other vehicles that use diesel fuel. 

Additionally, this unit will monitor the strength of battery acid and specific gravity.

Includes: Digital Refractometer, Rubber Grip & Prism cover, Hard Shell Case with Protective Lining, Disposable Pipet, Battery, & user manual.

Key Features

Compact & lightweight
Removable grip & prism cover for easy cleaning
Continuous loop read features (15 reads)
Automatic Temperature Control
Zero with distilled water
IP67 rating for detecting unit, IP65 for remainder
3nm LED
Stainless steel prism well
°C/°F switchable temperature display
1-Year Warranty

For detailed specs, follow this link: Digital Refractometers