VanGuard® 1400 Series Industrial Microscope from VEE GEE Scientific

VanGuard® 1400 Series Industrial Microscope

VEE GEE Scientific VanGuard® 1400 Series Industrial Microscope features vivid, infinity-corrected optics. Combining top performance with highly-advanced features, it stands up to the rigorous requirements of even the most demanding laboratory.
Built around a full-size frame, the 1442MMi model eliminates the fatigue and strain associated with working long hours over a microscope. Low-position focusing controls and long drop-down X-Y controls ensure simple, consistent, and comfortable use.
Various camera packages are available as options. The 1442MMI features: 10X High-Eyepoint Ultra-Widefield eyepieces, 30W variable quartz halogen transmitted illumination, 50W quartz halogen reflected illumination, and field diaphragms for Köhler illumination.

Key Features

  • VIOS Infinity-Corrected Optics
  • 50W Variable Quartz Halogen Reflected Illumination
  • 30W Variable Quartz Halogen Transmitted Illumination
  • Brightfield & Polarizing Modes
  • Integrated Köhler Illumination
  • Advanced Ergonomics
  • Large, Professional Stand
  • High-Eyepoint Eyepieces (FD 22mm) w/ Rubber Eyecups

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