Inverted Microscopes with Infinity-Corrected Optics from VEE GEE Scientific

Inverted Microscopes with Infinity-Corrected Optics

VEE GEE Scientific VanGuardĀ® 1400INi Series Inverted Microscopes feature vivid, infinity-corrected optics to provide life science professionals high performance for tissue culture applications. A wide selection of stage inserts come standard to support 96-well plates, HLA/Terasaki plates, 3x1ā€ glass sides, and 65/54/35mm Petri dishes.
Built around an industry-leading, high-performance frame, the 1400 INi Series models eliminate the fatigue and strain associated with working long hours over a microscope. Low-position focusing controls and long drop-down X-Y controls ensure simple, consistent, and comfortable use.
Brightfield & Phase Contrast models feature infinity-corrected plan achromatic objectives. Fluorescence upgrade packages are available as options. Various camera packages are available as options.
All models feature 10X High-Eyepoint WideField eyepieces, and 30W variable quartz halogen illumination.
Key Features

VIOS Infinity-Corrected Optics
30W Variable Quartz Halogen Illumination
Phase Contrast & Brightfield
Optional Fluorescence Packages
Advanced Ergonomics
400mm Eyepoint Height
High-Eyepoint Eyepieces (FD 22mm) w/ Rubber Eyecups
Multiple Stage Inserts for Plates, Dishes, Vials, & Slides

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