Stereozoom Microscopes with Large Stage from VEE GEE Scientific

Stereozoom Microscopes with Large Stage

VEE GEE Scientific VanGuardĀ® 1300ZL-Series Stereo Microscopes feature precision optics to ensure the highest level of performance for inspection and dissection. All models also come with upper and lower LED illumination to provide bright, energy-efficient lighting.
Zoom magnification of 7X to 45X (6.5:1) is available on binocular and trinocular heads to produce high-resolution, three-dimensional images. Various camera packages are available as options.
All models feature 10X WideField eyepieces. Optional eyepieces and supplementary lenses are available to customize any model for specific magnification requirements.
Key Features

Precision Optics
Upper & Lower LED Illumination
Zoom Magnification (6.5:1)
Optional Eyepieces & Lenses

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